Millennials are ruining everything

Jacob Laskowski  |   November 09, 2018

At 92 million, the millennial generation is the largest in U.S. history.


The future growth of every organization will rely on acute knowledge of this generation, and action upon that knowledge within the next five to ten years.


Millennials, often referred to as "digital natives", live most of their days in the device held in the palm of their hands. Their communication style is vastly different than any other demographic. Their purchasing habits have already put titans of business into bankruptcy.


During this talk, Jacob will first introduce the nuanced tendencies and characteristics of the millennial generation, and then share best practices for reaching them, showcasing a number of corporations and non-profits that are doing it well.


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Talk Length: 45 minutes (can be shortened or lengthened)


Intended Audience: Board of Directors, C-level Executive teams, leadership groups, non-profit executive committees, small business leaders, and et cetera.


Topics that can be included: Communication, Social Media, Shopping Habits, Entertainment/Media, Religion, Banking, Travel/Tourism, Sports, Workplace Habits, Housing/Real Estate, and more.


About Jacob: Jacob is the CEO and Founder of 86 Creative, a millennial-driven marketing agency. He is the author of the upcoming books Until They Rest: Knowing and Serving the Millennial Heart and Millennials Are Ruining Everything. He's spent the past decade leading marketing campaigns and re-brands for corporations and non-profits across the U.S. Jacob lives in Fort Wayne with his seven year old daughter. (more here)




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