We launched in 2013 based on a simple philosophy: great brands need great stories. That means every visual component of a business should tell a cohesive, intentional story— one that’s true to who you are, and memorable for your audience.


Coined in the restaurant industry, the term ‘eighty-six’ is a verb that denotes taking something off the menu and replacing it with something that tastes better (and will sell better).


86 is a millennial-driven creative agency that provides clients with expert brand strategy and marketing collateral for national campaigns as well as local and regional strategies. For us, branding isn’t a superficial exercise, it’s a key component of your success. Simply put: without a cohesive brand strategy, you can’t compete effectively in reaching millennials in today's consumer market.


That’s why our first priority is getting to know you. We spend time with you and your team. We get to know your key audiences. We work with you to create your logo, and develop the strategy to weave it into each part of your story: your website, all of your print collateral, social media, videography, and any other components that communicate your distinguishing factors. We do it all so that your brand maintains a cohesive look and feel (and so the story continues to be told in a unique way).


During every step of the path, our priority is your story. In everything we do, we dive deep to make sure you have everything you need to tell that story to the right audience, the right way, for lasting results.

our team


sarah stubbs


Sarah  is  the  Indianapolis  Account  Executive  for  86.  She  studied  German  and  American  Sign  Language  and  received  a  degree  in  Germanic  Studies  from  Indiana  University.  Sarah  previously  worked  for  the  Archdiocese of Indianapolis. When she is not planning her  next  trip,  she  enjoys  becoming  a  coffee  &  wine  snob and lifting at the gym. Sarah lives in Indianapolis.


mary allman


Mary is the Denver Account Executive for 86. She graduated from Auburn University where she played Division I soccer and earned a degree in marketing. She’s worked with industry-leading brands such as Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, Naked Juice, KeVita and IZZE Sparkling Juice. Mary, her husband, and daughter Molly, enjoy the Mile High City’s breweries, restaurants, and parks.

john paul rudolph


John Paul is the Chief Growth Officer at 86. He spent most of the past decade as part of FOCUS, the Fellowship of Catholic University Students, holding positions in marketing, store management, events, and operations. JP provided event production support for the Amazing Parish conferences and has consulted for multiple  small  businesses.  With  an  MBA  in  marketing  and operations from the University of Illinois, John Paul looks forward to helping companies and organizations across  the  country.  He  lives  in  Los  Angeles  with  his  wife, Anna May, and their son, Thomas.

jacob laskowski


Jacob serves as CEO of 86, which he founded in 2013. His award-winning career began with the re-branding of   FOCUS,   the   Fellowship   of   Catholic   University   Students,  which  lead  him  to  his  position  as  Director  of  Marketing  for  a  multi-billion  dollar  oil  company.  Jacob  has  served  as  adjunct  professor  of  visual  communications  at  Ivy  Tech  College,  and  as  a  founding Board  Member  for  A  Mother’s  Hope,  a  non-profit  devoted  to homeless, pregnant women. Jacob sits on the board of directors of Those Catholic Men, Inc. and is the co-director of Fort Wayne Frassati. He lives in Fort Wayne with his seven-year-old daughter, Gianna. BOOK JACOB AS A SPEAKER

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