branding & identity

When introducing your brand to audiences, a visual identity (logo/branding/visuals) is the first impression they have of what you do and what you offer—and what kind of personality you have.

let's execute a short quiz

By only viewing one corner of each of these logos, name the companies these brands represent:




I bet you got those in a heart beat. Why? Because each of these brands have three things in common:


  • They employ only two colors: red/yellow, green/white, red/white
  • They were built with a very simple design, making them easily recognizable and unforgettable.
  • They were created to evoke specific emotions from target audiences. (maybe you're now a bit hungrier, thirstier or more eager to go find a good deal)


Questions to ask yourself and your team:

  • What is the emotion or expression we want someone to have when they first encounter our branding?
  • Does our branding visually communicate the current messaging and vision of our company?
  • Is our branding unforgettable? Would someone recognize our company from just a quick glance at our logo?


If your branding is struggling to present your audiences with the true personality and culture of your company, it's a great time to move forward in building a more strategic branding—for the sake of your company's future growth. Remember, it's the first face most people will see when interacting with your company.


After all, you only get one chance at a first impression.